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Understanding Sleep Regressions in Children

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Course Overview: This course aims to provide comprehensive insights into sleep regressions, addressing sudden changes in sleep patterns observed in infants and toddlers. It covers the causes, signs, durations, and strategies to manage and cope with sleep regressions effectively. Course Duration: 7 weeks (or adjust as needed) Week 1: Introduction to Sleep Regression - Definition and explanation of sleep regressions - Developmental stages and their impact on sleep patterns - Common misconceptions about sleep regressions Week 2: Diagnosis of Sleep Regression in Children A. Recognizing signs and symptoms B. Differentiating sleep regressions from other sleep disturbances C. Age-related sleep regression timelines Week 3: Identifying Reasons of Sleep Regression A. Developmental milestones and their influence B. Changes in sleep cycles and patterns C. Environmental factors contributing to sleep disruptions Week 4: Differences in Sleep Regression by Age Module 4 - Types of Sleep Regressions A. Newborn sleep regressions B. 4-month sleep regression C. 6-month sleep regression D. 8-10 month sleep regression E. 12-month sleep regression F. 18-month sleep regression G. 2-year sleep regression Week 5: Sleep Regression and What it Does A. Effects of sleep regressions on child behavior and development B. Impact on parental well-being and mental health C. Relationship dynamics during sleep regressions Week 6: Strategies for Dealing with Sleep Regression A. Sleep hygiene practices for infants and toddlers B. Creating conducive sleep environments C. Establishing consistent sleep routines D. Techniques to soothe a child during sleep regressions E. Seeking professional guidance and support Week 7: Case Studies A. Real-life scenarios and their resolution methods B. Practical tips for parents and caregivers $19.99

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