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Nanny Program for the Private Estate - 120 HRS (Available Now)

  • 165Days
  • 73Steps
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Embark on a transformative journey in your role as a private caregiver with our comprehensive online program. Tailored for caregivers of children of all ages, our curriculum places a strong emphasis on early childhood development, child-centric teaching, and effective communication. Week 1: Introduction To Working In The Private Home Week 2: Early Childhood Development Week 3: Child Centered Teaching Foundations Week 4: Children’s Interaction & Communication Week 5: Skills For Problem Solving & Stress In Childcare Week 6: Health Concepts & Guidelines Week 7: The Importance Of Food Quality Week 8: Children’s Health: Embracing A Healthy Lifestyle Week 9: Childhood Life: Functions & States Week 10: Wellness Foundations Week 11: Safety & Hygiene: Nurturing A Child's Well-Being Week 12: Child Focused First Aid For Critical Situations Week 13: Child Milestones: Recognizing Developmental Achievements Week 14: Enhancing Child Development: Motor Skills & Personal Growth Week 15: Fostering Child Development Through Creative Activities Week 16: Fostering Child Development Through Music Week 17: Fostering Child Development Through Creative Play & Storytelling Week 18: Child Wellness: Nurturing Health & Happiness Week 19: Caring For A Sick Child: Providing Compassionate Support & Effective Treatment Week 20: Caring For Children With Mental & Developmental Disorders **Bonus Material: Potty Training, Managing Temper Tantrums, Sibling Rivalry, Managing Aggression in Children, Sleep Regression, Understanding Manipulative Behavior, Coping with Separation, and more. Duration: Over 120 hours - 6 month self paced duration Invitation to our Private (Nanny & Private Caregiver Facebook Group) Discounts on courses and learning materials

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