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Managing Toddler Temper Tantrums

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The goal of this course is not only to equip you with eective tools but also to empower you to handle temper tantrums with patience, understanding, and a proactive mindset. By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of various strategies and approaches to eectively manage toddler temper tantrums, ultimately promoting a harmonious environment for both the child and the caregiver. Week 1: Introduction to Toddler Temper Tantrums - Module 1: Understanding Temper Tantrums Week 2: Exploring Causes and Triggers - Module 2: Identifying Tantrum Triggers Week 3: Toddler Development and Emotional Expression - Module 3: Developmental Psychology in Toddlers Week 4: Strategies for Managing Tantrums - Module 4: Dealing with Tantrums Week 5: Emotion Coaching and Regulation - Module 5: Teaching Emotional Regulation Week 6: Practical Approaches and Collaboration - Module 6: Handling Tantrums Practically Week 7: Collaboration Approaches - Module 7: Collaborating with Parents and Caregivers Thank you for your commitment to learning and supporting the emotional well-being of toddlers. Best wishes as you continue to apply these strategies and foster positive relationships with the young ones in your care!

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