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Managing Aggressive Behavior in Children


Course Overview: This course aims to provide parents, caregivers, and educators with effective strategies and tools to understand, prevent, and address aggressive behaviors in children, specifically focusing on instances like hitting, biting, or aggression towards peers and adults. It covers techniques for managing these behaviors in various settings and age groups. Course Duration: 6 Weeks Week 1: Understanding Aggression in Children Week 2: Early Intervention and Prevention Week 3: Communication and Emotional Regulation Week 4: Positive Discipline Techniques Week 5: Practical Strategies for Dealing with Aggression Week 6: Collaborating with Parents, Educators, and Support Systems This course aims to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of aggressive behavior in children and provides practical strategies and interventions to manage and prevent such behaviors effectively. Participants will learn to create a supportive environment that promotes positive behavior and healthy relationships among children and adults.

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