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Childcare: Sibling Rivalry

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Course Duration: 6 weeks (or adjust as needed) Week 1: Introduction to Sibling Relationships and Rivalry Understanding Sibling Rivalry Week 2: Developmental Psychology and Sibling Dynamics - Module 2: Dynamics in Sibling Relationships Week 3: Recognizing Signs and Patterns of Sibling Rivalry - Module 3: Identifying Sibling Rivalry Week 4: Communication and Conflict Resolution Strategies - Module 4: Resolving Sibling Conflicts Week 5: Addressing Jealousy, Competition, and Encouraging Positive Relationships - Module 5: Mitigating Jealousy and Competition Week 6: Parental Roles, Positive Relationships, and Problem-Solving Skills - Module 6: Parental Roles and Positive Relationships Throughout the course, participants will engage with modules containing reading materials, interactive exercises, and games to unite children. The course will culminate in developing personalized action plans for managing sibling rivalry within the family and fostering ongoing support, communication, and conflict resolution strategies.

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