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Our placement fees for the diamond service include:


Meet with the family for job details (via e-mail, phone, or scheduling software such as zoom or teams)

create a job description and advertise the position

shortlist and review candidates

and serve you qualified candidates

shared profiles of candidates

set up initial interviews with family by scheduling software such as zoom or teams

initiate background and reference checks

share vetting package with family initiate a working trial for five days

establish a start date

monthly check-ins for the first three months

referral to a payroll service and help with onboarding

sample contract for family and nanny for protection

one year candidate in no quit guarantee

10 hours of mediation services to be used within the first year

draft of family NDA agreement for nanny and family protection

no phone while on duty guarantee

Access to our HMN-Academy with a special code free of charge for the first six months


This product is for the initial advertising non-refundable fee the diamond service cost is 20% of the annual salary in the continental USA

Diamond Service Puerto Rico Advertising

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