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### Annual Advertising Package: Exclusive Facebook Group Posting Service


Secure a year-long advertising presence in our exclusive Facebook Group with our Annual Advertising Package. For only $550, you get 52 posts (one per week) on the day and time of your choice, providing consistent and strategic exposure for your business, product, or service. This package offers a significant savings of $750 compared to individual postings.


**Service Details:**
- **Frequency:** 52 posts (one per week)
- **Duration:** One year
- **Cost:** $550 (a savings of $750)
- **Platform:** Our exclusive Facebook Group of your choice
- **Flexibility:** Choose the day and time for your weekly post at set-up of campaign 


- **Content:** Provide your advertisement post, including a product or service description
- **Visuals:** Include a JPG file of the picture or pamphlet you would like to use
- **Contact Information:** Include your contact details


- **Consistent Visibility:** Maintain a regular presence in our group with weekly posts.
- **Targeted Audience:** Reach a dedicated community interested in top-tier domestic services and household management.
- **Strategic Scheduling:** Select the optimal day and time for your posts to maximize engagement.
- **Cost Savings:** Save $750 with our annual package compared to individual postings.
- **Hassle-Free Advertising:** We handle the scheduling and posting for you. Just provide the product description, visuals, and your preferred posting time.


Maximize your marketing strategy with our comprehensive Annual Advertising Package. Ensure your business stays top-of-mind with our engaged and discerning community. Secure your spot today and enjoy a year of impactful advertising.


For inquiries and bookings, please contact us at [844-626-6901].


Media Kit of 1-year for FB advertising - 52 posts

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