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The House Managers Network is proud to offer a free, comprehensive resume guide specifically for domestic workers. This guide is designed to help you shine during interviews and secure the positions you aspire to. Whether you are a housekeeper, nanny, caregiver, or any other type of domestic worker, our guide will assist you in crafting a professional resume that highlights your unique skills and experiences.


Our resume guide covers all the essentials, starting with creating a clear and concise objective statement that reflects your career goals and dedication. We emphasize the importance of detailing specific skills such as cleaning, childcare, cooking, or elderly care, and how to present these skills to showcase your proficiency and reliability. Additionally, our guide provides tips on effectively describing your previous work experiences, including the duties performed, environments worked in, and positive outcomes achieved.


We also include practical advice on resume formatting and layout, ensuring your resume is easy to read and professionally presented. With examples and templates that you can customize, our guide will help you highlight your certifications, training, and any special skills you possess. The House Managers Network is dedicated to equipping you with the tools needed to make a lasting impression and excel in your domestic work career.

Resume Guide for Domestic Workers

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